Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chopped Adventures

I love to cook and I LOVE watching various cooking shows. One of my favorites is a show called "Chopped" . The premise is they bring in 4 chefs who are all  given the same basket of unknown ingredients. They get new baskets each round and with those baskets they have to incorporated those ingredients into the round. The first round is appetizers, Second is a main dish and third and final round is dessert. After each round one of the chefs are eliminated. Until the last round where the two remaining chefs are judged not only on desert but on their whole meal.

Today's show is Chopped: All Star Showdown season 2 ep 12...

I do have a point to this... So many people have blogs out there about their adventures in cooking and thats what I want from this blog. My hope is to occasionally grab the ingredients and try to make something out of them. Being a fairly new Chef (meaning I have very little experience) I will not try to meet the time restraints that the show has on these professional chefs.

Appitizer: Squab, Lavash Bread, Preserved Lemon

Main: Blue fish, ginger snaps, papaya, beef jerky

Dessert: Butter Crackers, Grapefruit, Gin, Feta

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ultimate Banana Bread

**** I haven't made this yet but I can't wait to do so!!! ******

Ultimate Banana Bread