Monday, May 30, 2011

Some other important stuff...

I’m a huge fan of tea and water.  Right now I’m drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day. This is important to help keep flushing out my kidneys. This is something my body needs extra because of the diabetes. I never thought I'd be diabetic. I believe my diabetes came to be because of hormonal imbalances that ran unchecked for years. Just about everything that is affecting me physically can be found to be connected to these imbalanced hormones.

The other thing I want to mention is about exercise. I live in a place that temperatures reach up over 110 degrees over the summer.  Anything over 85 degrees causes me to retreat into my house and not come out until fall unless I absolutely have to. So going for a walk here is very difficult. Mostly I find my exercise through doing little things around the house the gym or if I’m lucky and its nice out I’ll go for a walk where there is shade.  I have a handy little machine called a Wii that I use occasionally to help me keep moving.  That’s all I do for exercise at this point. I’m going to mention sleep here because it’s very important to healing one’s body. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and that if you snore that you get checked out for sleep apnea because sleep apnea can kill you.  Scary right? 

I"m not going to pull any punches in this blog. I"m also making it totally public. I"m not doing this for money or fame or exposure. I've just found as I've gotten older that its better to be completely honest and forthright than to hide behind fears and expectations. I'll leave all the judgement to something greater than me and just focus on what I think is important which is being open and out there and no mater what anyone else says to be true to my feelings on any given subject. 

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