Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dinner tonight:

Tonight I was taught how to make light fluffy scrambled eggs. It was wonderful! Here's how Kendra taught me:

Do the float test on the eggs. If they sink they're ok to eat. Start heating up your non-stick pan now. Then brake eggs putting them into a mixing bowl. Keep eggs whole while adding milk.  Add enough milk that it clouds up and eventually surrounds the yokes. Then slowly break the yokes but don't mix up too much. Set to the side. Cut up ham or what ever meat you plan on putting into it and sit it to the side. Ok take egg mixture and put it into your heated pan let eggs settle for a few minutes. Slowly run your spatula over the bottom don't mix things up too much just bring off the cooked eggs. Do this until eggs are half way done then add ham, pepper, lite salt, onion onion and any other herbs you want to add. Hold off on adding the cheese until your eggs are just about done. You can add veggies the same time you do the ham if you wish to have them in your eggs. Continue to slowly fold the eggs until just done then add your cheese. These eggs come out light, fluffy, and very very tasty! Enjoy!

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